Cases that the lawyers of Scheepsrecht Advocaten handle on behalf of their clients have an important part to do with contract law and liability issues, often around the purchase and sale, construction, refit and repair of ships and pleasure craft, or after collisions. We also deal with disputes in insurance matters on a regular basis and we specialize in administrative problems relating to houseboats and their berths.

You can contact Scheepsrecht Advocaten for advice and legal assistance on a variety of issues. We specialize in the areas of law listed below, but you can also contact us if you have any questions about other areas of law. We can then refer you to another specialist in our network.

We are at home in court, but litigation is never an end in itself for us. That is why we try to settle conflicts outside the courtroom as much as possible. If it turns out to be necessary to litigate, we always make a realistic estimate of the opportunities, the costs and the possible results. We will do everything we can for our clients.

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