We use affordable and clear rates for our services. This keeps costs to a minimum for you and we can also assist you in matters of relatively minor importance. At Scheepsrecht Advocaten the rate you pay depends on:

• the lawyer handling the case
• the complexity and significance of the case
• the urgency of the matter

Normally we work with an hourly rate between € 195 and € 255, but other price agreements are also possible, such as a fixed rate for certain activities. We always make a clear agreement on the rate you will pay before we start working for you.

You do not pay a general office expenses surcharge with us. Travel time is charged at 50% of the agreed hourly rate and travel costs for a fixed fee of € 0.25 per kilometer driven. We will also pass on to you the costs we incur on your behalf, such as court fees and bailiff fees.

We give members of Hiswa Association and the BBZ a discount of 10%.

We attach great importance to good reachability and few barriers to contact us. We therefore do not charge for an initial short telephone call, so you have the opportunity to submit your question to one of our lawyers without obligation. During that first meeting, we immediately check whether we are free to act on your behalf and make an initial preliminary assessment of the situation. If we can help you, we’ll get to work for you as soon as possible.