Maeike Woelinga

About Maeike

Before joining Scheepsrecht Advocaten in 2014, Maeike Woelinga worked as a lawyer at the sector association of entrepreneurs in the water sports, Hiswa, where she worked as a legal counsel for almost ten years before she was sworn in as a lawyer in 2006.

People who work in the nautical sector have a thing for water. So did Maeike. Prior to her law studies at the University of Amsterdam, Maeike sailed in sailing charter and inland shipping and worked for a ship renovation and repair company.

Her experiences are very valuable in her legal practice, because boat people speak their own language and Maeike understands it like no other. Maeike mainly advises and litigates in the field of administrative law, contract law and liability. If, for example, agreements are not complied to or you are held liable, you can contact Maeike.

Maeike is co-author of the recently updated HISWA General Terms and Conditions and has also drawn up the BBZ General Terms and Conditions.